Stuart Lang

Hi there!

My name is Stuart Lang. I am a software engineer passionate about F#, C# and .NET. I love attending and helping run community tech events, and contributing to open source.

Latest Articles

Check for Breaking Changes with ApiCompat

When we maintain a library that's used by others, we want to shield them from breaking changes and use SemVer as a way of indicating breaking changes when they do occur. If our public API changes in a way that…

Defer with C# 8.0

Go ( has a really nice little language feature called defer, which is a keyword that lets you defer a statement until the current function returns, and you can see an example here. Given all the new language…

Trying Out Daily Builds of Roslyn

I wanted to try out a daily build of Roslyn to see the effect of a recent change to the C# compiler. I know how to do this for older .NET Framework projects, I'd add a reference to Microsoft.Net.…